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“An artist very much at the vanguard of the underground movement, within his Toronto hometown and far beyond its frontiers, Tim Penner has continually crafted and moulded his productions into a uniquely distinctive sound that sets him apart in a crowded and saturated industry. Always engaged and accessible to his growing fan base, the Canadian is a model for the modern DJ and producer in the second decade of the 21st century.”

Reinvigorated and energized by a Portuguese sabbatical that brought into sharp relief the paradox between inspiration, craft and the proliferation of production technology, Penner witnessed a paradigm shift in his approach to the music-making process. With “creativity, originality and experimentation” watchwords for his methodology, Tim Penner’s career has continued to rise, unhindered by the chains of trend and fashion. Able to bridge genres with consummate ease, a remix of Max Graham’s “Airtight” saw his work selected as one of Beatport’s “Top 10 Tracks of 2015″. Penner’s iconic DJ performances have seen him behind the decks at a plethora of clubs and events across North & South America and continental Europe as he melds time signatures, tempos and genres into a melting pot that bubbles with kinetic dance floor energy.”